Nordman WR SUV

Nordman WR SUV

Comfort and safety combined

Precise, stable, and excellent handling

  • Excellent high speed handling properties
  • Good handling both on dry and snowy surfaces
  • Excellent wet grip

The Nordman WR SUV is a high-performance tyre that grips firmly and drives steadily in snow, slush, and bare roads alike. This sturdy tyre for SUVs reacts precisely and quickly to steering even at high speeds. The balanced and safe handling is especially apparent in turns, lane changes, and evasions. The asymmetrical tread pattern improves the drivability and stabilises handling together with the Self-locking 3D Sipes in the centre area.

The sharply chamfered Slush Edges on the inside of the asymmetrical tread pattern and the polished grooves maximise the slush grip of the Nordman WR SUV. Three different pitch sequences on the shoulders and centre areas of the sporty tread pattern reduce rolling noise and make the tyre roll lightly. This Silent Design innovation improves driving comfort especially on dry roads. The patented Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) clearly indicates the remaining groove depth in numbers.

Sold only through Vianor shops in Europe.


Officially approved for winter use