Nordman WR

Nordman WR

Ultimate slush performance

A balanced tyre with good grip and light rolling

  • Excellent slush planing properties
  • Good handling both on dry and snowy surfaces
  • Excellent wet grip

The Nordman WR is a balanced winter tyre for passenger cars with exceptional grip on slush. The slush grip provides added safety for varying Central European winter weather. It is based on technological innovations that have been tried and tested under genuine conditions: the Slush Edge, asymmetrical tread model, and polished grooves. The sharply chamfered Slush Edge on the inner shoulder of the modern tread pattern effectively removes the snow and water mass from between the road and the tyre.

The Nordman WR is safe in any weather, and it is stable to drive on both snowy roads and bare asphalt, even at high speeds. The Nordman WR grips, remains stable, and stops precisely even on a wet surface. The Self-locking 3D Sipes on the straight block row of the centre area provide both longitudinal and lateral support, improving stability and wet grip.

Sold only through Vianor shops in Europe. 

Officially approved for winter use